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Music without instruments by ROCKLAB PART 1

This tutorial is for everybody who likes to jazz up their sense of rhythm with some handmade beats! Meet Brave, your instructor, who will guide you step by step through a series of fun rhythm games. You don't even need an instrument! No musical prerequisites needed / recommended age 6+.

Rhythm is it!


Music without instruments PART 2

You want to level up those handmade beats? Brave will show you how it's done: All you need to do is to get some kitchenware and start jamming some rhythms!

Have fun!


Music without instruments PART 3

Rocklab for KIDS & TEENS Cool rhythms with Brave! PART 3

From school material to musical instruments!

Fetch some of your school stuff (ruler, pen, stapler, and a pad) for this unusual lesson! Brave (BAMSS) will show you how to turn those everyday objects into fun percussion sounds and give it some rhythm.


Have fun!